Each year, we as a church like to do a Christmas offering. It’s an excellent way to remember what Christmas is all about and give to help others. In previous years, we have donated to organisations such as International Justice Mission Australia who combat slavery wherever it is found, World Vision Australia who provide humanitarian aid around the globe, Open Doors Australia which provides support to believers in need, and individual medical missionaries who provide care and medical support to those without access to it. This year, our Christmas offering will be going to our Care fund which is a fund designated to reach out to those in need both in Cairns and around the globe. Every dollar that goes into our care fund will go toward helping those in need; whether that be those in need of social welfare assistance or believers in need. We are seeking to increase the giving in our Care fund so that we can make further commitments to provide financial aid to those who need it. If you would like to donate to our care fund, please click here for the account details. Please don’t forget to mark your donation as “Christmas offering”.