Crosspoint Church exists to spread substantive, maturing, expanding joy in God.

What is important to us?

We love God

There is nothing and no one in all the universe who is better than God. He is amazing and we want to know him and enjoy him forever.

We love truth

We believe truth can stand on its own in the marketplace of ideas. So we’re passionate about pursuing the truth no matter where it leads or what it costs. After all, it was Jesus Christ himself who said “the truth will set you free.”

We love people

Every person will live somewhere forever. That means people matter more than all the stuff in the universe. That’s why we care about people and want to see them enjoy God forever.

What is our message?

Joy! Good news! We who were alienated from God can now be restored to friendship with him!

But why were we alienated? Sin. We rebelled against God and became his enemies.

So how can we be restored? Jesus Christ. More specifically, at the cross Jesus took the just penalty of our rebellion against God. And because he took the full force of God’s holy wrath against our sin, we don’t have to!

But only when we admit that we are sinners, that God’s condemnation of us was just and good, and turn away from our sin and to the grace of God provided to us in the death of Jesus Christ his son. In other words, when we stop blaming God for our sin and start taking responsibility for our sin ourselves. More than that, when we stop slandering God and instead come to see him as he is. Beautiful! Glorious! Precious!