We believe that God has revealed himself to mankind through his written word, the holy Scriptures. Our first question, therefore, in matters of faith and practice is “what does Scripture teach?”

We have found that some of the old confessions of faith convey Scripture’s teachings with admirable precision and clarity. We therefore subscribe substantially to The London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689).

What kind of church are we?

If we had to sum ourselves up in just three words, they would be…

We are Christian

We hold to the historic Christian faith delivered once for all to the early believers. We joyfully affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the Messiah, sent by God to rescue fallen humanity.

We are evangelical

The evangel is the gospel, the good news, that Jesus the Christ has lived and died to rescue us and restore us to friendship with God. This is the best news ever told!

We are baptist

There are a number of ways that Christian evangelicals “do church.” Baptist is the way of “doing church” that we feel is closest to the biblical model.