Our Churches in Cairns Now Include CrossPoint Church in the Suburb of Bayview Heights near Earlville

CrossPoint Cairns Church is one of more than thirty Christian groups in Cairns, a city which is in what locals call the “Sunshine State” of Queensland here in Australia.

Short History of Congregations in Cairns

Some of those other church groups have been around for a long time. Did you know that the first church in Cairns was an Anglican one that was meeting way back in 1877 in Abbott Street? After them, in 1886, were the Methodists in Sachs Street. From that very point on, you could rightly talk about “churches in Cairns.”

Other churches in this far northern tropical city followed, with the Presbyterian Church in Sheridan Street joining the growing number in 1903. Baptists and other reformed denominations started later, including our own CrossPoint Church opening in Bayview Heights in 2015.

Crosspoint Church is one of the churches in Cairns, Australia

Good Christian Churches in Cairns

Regardless of the denomination, churches in our city are generally comprised of people of all ages, races and socioeconomic classes who share a common belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent to save people from their sins. We at CrossPoint also agree with this. You can find more about what we believe from this link.

No matter where you live around here, it’s important to know where you can find a good Christian church in your area. The range of Christian churches in our city will please you and you’ll discover a wide range of meetings, people and places that appeal to you. Some churches invite pastors and other Christian leaders to visit to give talks about what the Bible teaches. Who knew that such spiritual riches were available right here in our very own Cairns community?

Cairns has long been a popular place for events of all kinds, so you’ll find that our churches as well offer special functions and weekday, evening, and weekend meetings designed to support people of every age.

Language Help for Non-native Speakers of English

Some churches in Cairns offer foreign language services in addition to English-speaking services, so you can enjoy hearing services in your native language. The Presbyterians have Korean and Japanese services. The Baptist Church has some in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Our own CrossPoint services are in English, but not everyone who attends is a native English speaker. So the Bible sermons are recorded for you to listen to again online at your own pace. Recently we have been adding online English transcripts of the sermons. You are welcome to copy and paste them into Google Translate to get a translation in your own language.

Come Along

So whether you’re a newcomer to Christianity, or you’ve been a member of the church for many years, including in Cairns, you should not pass up the chance to attend church in our own city.

If you are happy to come to CrossPoint Church in Bayview Heights, we’d love to see you. Check out this link if you’re thinking of being a first-time visitor with us.

Welcome to Crosspoint Church in Cairns



In summary, CrossPoint Church in Cairns is now a part of the history of churches in Cairns. We are one of the local churches that reach out to many different parts of our community. We are dedicated to serving God, reaching people with the Gospel, and helping families and individuals change their lives for the better. We want to be a blessing to you, the Cairns community.

(Historical information is sourced from pages 113-116 at Cairns Thematic.)