Hey! If you’re reading this, you must have found the webpage for Cairns’ new church, CrossPoint. We’re excited about establishing this new Christian community in Cairns.

But I’m sure there are questions. For instance, who is this “we” I mentioned? Or why do we need a new church in Cairns? Or how will we relate to other churches in Cairns? Let me answer these briefly.

Who is CrossPoint Church?

CrossPoint started out with a small group of Christians who have lived in the area for quite some time. We’re a group of people hungry for the gospel and intent on seeing this new local body of believers established.

Why do we need a new church in Cairns?

It’s not that there aren’t other good churches in Cairns. There are. Ask us and we’ll be happy to recommend one! But we believe that CrossPoint offers a unique constellation of people/gifts/location/perspective that will allow us to minister to a different group of people in Cairns.

How will we relate to other churches in Cairns?

The work of the Christian church is not a competition. We’re thankful for every church that proclaims the Christian faith that was delivered once for all to the church by Jesus Christ and the apostles in the first century. It is our intent, therefore, to be in fellowship with other evangelical churches in the region. We’ll seek to cooperate with and support the various Christian ministries already active in the region.

Grace to you.


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